WHS Consulting

Delivering actual and tangible safety solutions

LabourHealth WHS Consulting can assist you with understanding the WHS Act, the regulations and any applicable codes of practice so that you can put them into perspective and apply them to your business.

As consultants we can provide you with services as little as some minor verbal advice, through to analysing your entire business safety needs to document a comprehensive Safety Management System, we also offer retainer agreements should a business not wish to expense a full time safety person, yet still require access at any time to a safety person.

Corporate protection, aside from the obvious merits of a safe and happy workplace for your employees, there is a legal obligation regardless of your business or industry to demonstrate compliance. The Australian state regulators are succinct in what is required to demonstrate compliance and every business should question their ability to respond if they were subjected to an enquiry arising from an incident, an injury or even a random visit from the regulators.

General Site Audits and Gap Analysis

We have audit documents that can provide your business with insight to your general overall compliance, these documents include elements from several different codes of practice as well as elements from published guidance notes so that you can determine specific needs or priorities for further compliance activity. A gap analysis report will accompany the audit document outlining our recommendations.

Code of Practice Audits

We have a suite of audit documents that directly reference published codes of practice, audits of this nature will provide succinct answers as to how your business is, or is not, meeting the requirements of the WHS Act.

Hazard Identification and Risk Assessments

We will visit your facility to engage with management, the workers and supervisors to identify any workplace hazards, we will contribute our own experience and our broad industry exposure to offer opinion as is necessary. Upon identification of hazards, we can engage with the workers to systematically work through risk assessments and use the hierarchy of control to determine mitigation or eradication strategies.

Policy and Procedure Documentation

LabourHealth WHS will review any existing Policies and Procedures and advise on adequacy for purpose, should your business not have these “foundation blocks for safety” or updates are required, we will work with your business to determine an appropriate course of action to create and publish documents that addresses both business needs and compliance needs.

Safe Work Instructions

Much like we do with Hazard identification and Risk assessments, we engage with your workers to understand each and every step of a given process, we document this process and review each step to determine if there are any risks, potentially safer alternate methods, training requirements or even efficiency matters. Upon completion of testing both theoretically and practically, we will register and publish a controlled document that exists as an essential part of your safety system for worker safety and just as importantly for legal compliance.

Suites of Toolbox Talks

Consultation in the workplace is essential for physical safety and for being able to demonstrate WHS compliance, regular and substantive toolbox talks are a proven method to provide and receive information between workers and the business and records are able to be captured of content and attendees. LabourHealth WHS can offer you a range of Toolbox documents to suit many specific needs, if we don’t have anything immediately suitable, we can work with you to create meaningful and compliant toolbox documents.

Safety Management Systems

LabourHealth WHS are happy to discuss your needs whatever they may be, we can produce full and comprehensive systems containing Policies, Procedures, employee induction, Work instructions, corporate WHS plans, reporting structures, forms, signs etc etc etc, we can review and update your existing systems, or we can provide for elements that are missing from your system.

We make every endeavour to provide you with a system that is easy to implement, manage and control.

Drug & Alcohol Management Programs

LabourHealth can assist you with creating and implementing a drug and alcohol management program that will allow you to comply with the WHS Act obligation to provide a safe work environment and safe systems of work whilst still providing you with appropriate means to manage your workforce. A drug and alcohol policy is simply not enough to be effective when dealing with employee Health, employee discipline, trade unions or Fair Work Australia, we can provide substantive evidence to inform you of the pitfalls of not implementing an appropriate program.

Incident Investigations

Whilst LabourHealth can provide you with procedures and forms for incident investigations, we can also assist in person or over the phone should a situation warrant some help, we have gained substantial experience dealing with incidents and injuries over the years so can advise your best course of action with regard to incident site, incident equipment, affected personnel, the regulators and immediate make safe improvement actions. No two incidents or situations will be the same but a logical calm experienced approach may have a significant bearing on outcomes for people, property or the business protection, we can support you through these matters.

Business Stream Expertise

Warehousing, Logistics, Transport and Freight Distribution, Import & Export by Air and Sea, Production and Process Work, Corporate or Office Environments, Dangerous Goods Facilities, Diesel Maintenance Workshops, Heavy Vehicles on Public Roads.