If workers are injured we will care for them and your company

Early intervention and early treatment is proven to contain workers compensation costs, minimise absenteeism, increase productivity and positively impact the physical recovery and psychological health of the injured worker.

When a worker is injured at work, it doesn’t always mean they need time off work. With the right support, rehabilitation and return to work program you will provide positive outcomes for the worker and your business.

An organisations time and resource allocation towards this area of financial leakage is often not prioritised, or it is relegated as a side function to someone in the business without the necessary time, knowledge, experience or vigour. Through engagement of LabourHealth to support your business and your workers you can expect:

  • Earlier return to work of individuals with reduced workplace disruptions that have likely been impacting productivity and morale
  • Reduction in claim costs and your insurance premiums by improving return to work outcomes
  • Analysis and reporting that gives your business an opportunity to proactively address known risks and thereby prevent injuries.
  • Return to Work practices, workplace culture, relationships and communication are key factors in workers feeling valued and supported, individual health, wellbeing and productivity

As an Employer you are key to influencing positive outcomes for the worker and your business. At LabourHealth we are passionate about supporting our clients and their workers in recognising and attaining mutually beneficial outcomes.

Injury Management, Rehabilitation and Return to Work

Injury Management and Rehabilitation

We aim to assist you in preventing and managing workplace injuries, and containing associated costs by providing:

  • Relevant, fast track treatment for employees who have been injured at work or who complain of work related musculoskeletal disorders
  • Workplace-focused rehabilitation to facilitate the employee to remain at work, or to return to work as soon as possible
  • Ergonomic workplace assessments and training if necessary to facilitate the employee to remain at work or to return to work as soon as possible

Return to Work Coordination & Administration

The Return to Work Coordinator is responsible for delivering upon an organisations return to work program and supporting workers as they recover. They are the key link between worker, employer, insurer and medical services throughout, to ensure the most rapid return to pre-injury duties.

We maintain daily contact and co-ordinate with all key stakeholders immediately post injury and establish weekly contact with all parties to provide contact reports, updates and action plans as is applicable.

We can take you through the entire process from the point of incident investigation, through to lodging claims, coordinating appointments and establishing return to work and rehabilitation plans, all whilst retaining well documented records should assistance be required for any future claims or legal.

We provide information and analysis of the incurred injuries for the purpose of proactively managing people and task risks in order to reduce the likelihood of recurring injuries and claims within your business.

Injury analysis and hazard control

In today’s business climate, clients expect more “value adds” and margins are being driven down, every bit of financial and time leakage counts.

LabourHealth’s Safety Consultants can analyse your history of incidents and claims and provide reports that break them down by cost centre/ site / or client enabling you to pro-actively manage risk and drive down injury related costs by:

  • Identifying injury hotspots
  • Identifying types of injuries and tailoring your operations accordingly
  • Enabling you to demonstrate to clients and stakeholders safety indicators to re-negotiate margins with those that are poor safety performers, impacting your premiums
  • Enabling you to consult with internal and external stakeholders on joint safety improvement strategies improving all parties’ safety productivity and workers compensation insurance premiums
  • Providing practical advice to manage risks within your business moving forward

Our injury analysis and hazard control places you in a position of “proactive” workplace health and safety as opposed to “reactive”.