Pre-Employment Medicals

Employ healthy people to avoid business interruption or unexpected costs

Employee health and wellbeing is critical to building and maintaining any successful and productive team, knowing how physically capable and suitable a potential employee is, should be a primary concern with any employment strategy.

Whilst all the experience, positive references and achievements may appear to be a great fit for your organisation, an unadvised or underlying medical condition could have significant effects to attendance, overall team morale and crucial business efficiencies. Pre-employment medicals are a minor cost for what is essentially an insurance, particularly if you consider legacy health issues may become your financial obligation.

At LabourHealth, we provide more than the common pre-employment medical, we conduct a “Comprehensive Functional Capacity Examination”.

All examinations are conducted by registered Nurses or registered Physiotherapists and start with a request from the employer for a position description and a list of the duties expected so that we can select an appropriate examination type that addresses specific physical demands upon the candidate, there is little point in checking lift weight repetition & stamina for an office worker, just as there is little point in checking RSI for a pick packer. If there are specifics requirements of a role not addressed through our current suite of exams, we will happily work with you to create a more suitable exam.

After determining the most appropriate exam to conduct, we will seek an in-depth medical history of the candidate through a 140 point questionnaire, this is the first stage to analyse a candidates general health, any potential mental health conditions and any potential substance abuse issues.

Beyond providing a specific exam type and gaining a comprehensive history, we will complete all regular examination components that would be obtained from a GP such as blood pressure, pulse, eye sight, height, weight, BMI etc, we will then go much further as detailed below.

At completion of all examinations, the employer will be provided with a simple to understand, yet comprehensive summary including recommendations or concerns.

Visits To The Workplace

With our pre-employment screening, we can conduct an optional field inspection to determine the required physical demand that each employee role presents. Specific functional tests can then be developed to evaluate candidate suitability. It is worth noting that our medical staff do regularly visit sites so have exposure to and a clear understanding of role functions that other service providers may not have access to.

Should facilities and conditions be suitable at an employers site, we can also conduct our examinations at your site upon costing approvals.

Range of Motion Testing

Especially critical for employees involved in any form of physical work, we conduct joint specific testing, with a focus and review on any abnormal values.

Functional Assessment of Joint Biomechanics

Our team checks the body’s strength and stability. Specifically, the muscle length, muscle strength, joint stability, dynamic postural appraisal and joint specific motor patterns, testing the way muscles are activated and how they work.

Drug Screening

Illicit drugs impair an individual’s capacity to perform, and are a danger to all at the workplace. We conduct tests to detect the use of illicit and prescription drugs in order to maintain a safe work environment.

Lung Function Test

Just like any vital organ in the body, examining the respiratory health with a spirometer could be an indication of other ongoing health issues.

Maximum Safe Lift

We examine the physical strength of the prospective employee, to determine their physical capacity to execute good manual handling techniques.

Endurance Lift Test

In many job situations, strength endurance is essential in carrying out their job requirements. In our pre-employment medical, we evaluate the muscular endurance of your prospective worker, to assess their ability in meeting the workload requirements of the position they have applied for.

Audiometric Assessment

Hearing deficiencies, if not detected, can lead to dangerous situations potentially occurring in the workplace. We analyse and detect any abnormalities in the candidate’s hearing capacity by obtaining a base line measure, this will also ensure that an employer liability does not include a financial risk against prior hearing loss.

Eye Test

The eye is quite susceptible to injury or disease and is a health concern that, at times, is difficult to detect. In addition to the candidate’s age, working environments can have an impact on their eye health. Therefore, it is important to carry out an in-depth analysis to detect any abnormalities present.

All medical assessments conducted by LabourHealth has the sole purpose of defining the actual physical requirements of your worksite and assessing prospective candidate’s capacity to safely meet the physical demands of that role.