Other Services

Return to Work Assistance

LabourHealth WHS can provide advice and administrative support to help you deal with injured workers, particularly to assist you with understanding the obligations and expectations of all parties involved (employer, worker, medical professionals and insurers). Additionally we can act upon instructions should you wish to engage us to liaise or more closely manage any situation.


LabourHealth will provide Physiotherapy direct to general business from the early stages of 2018. All services will be provided by experienced and registered Physiotherapists who have the primary goal of providing the most appropriate treatment to enable the earliest possible return to work.

Electronic Forms

LabourHealth can provide you with systems or system referrals dependent upon your needs be it big or small, the marketplace is awash with systems that may or may not meet your needs or expectations, let us understand your business and discuss suitable solutions based upon actual needs.

Sound Level Measurement

LabourHealth technicians can assess noise levels under normal working conditions at your business to ensure compliance with noise level exposure limits. Further, we can assess the different zones throughout your operation to determine if any specific risks of inducing damage to workers hearing is present.