Audiometric Hearing Tests

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Audiometric assessments are an essential safety requirement at many workplaces, the WHS act and regulations state that an employer must manage and prevent hearing loss at work and codes of practice are produced to assist an employer in meeting this requirement.

In short, should a workplace experience noise levels over 85db average across an 8 hour shift, or for any single peak of 140db, hearing protection must be provided and the wearing of it enforced to prevent hearing loss, additionally, an employer is obligated to manage hearing loss through identifying base sound levels and through conducting regular audiometric testing of workers, this testing obligation applies to any new worker within 3 months of commencing employment and to all workers at 2 yearly (or earlier) intervals.

It is particularly important to understand that aside from being compliant with the Act and regulations, should hearing loss be detected at pre-employment stages or within the first 3 months, an employer would only be responsible for and thus financially obligated from the date of testing, if either of these two windows are missed, the employer will likely be held obligated for any prior hearing loss.

LabourHealth can assist your business with all requirements by providing convenient and efficient sound level measures of noise exposure in your work environment and we also conduct employee audiometric hearing tests. All screening is conducted using state of the art electronic measuring devices, which are manufactured and regularly calibrated in compliance with strict Australian standards.

All Hearing tests conducted are compliant with AS/NZS 1269.4:2005 – Occupational noise management – Auditory assessment and are processed by experienced and trained operators.
LabourHealth provides the following services for audiometric screening:

Pre-Employment Screening of All Potential Employees

Providing hearing tests for employees at pre-employment stage ensures that there are no pre-existing hearing conditions that will need medical attention or intervention at your expense. Knowledge of a candidates hearing level may also be a consideration should the work environment pose an unacceptable risk.

Systematic Screening / Sound Level Measurements

Systematic scheduled Audiometric testing will allow your business to manage workers at all stages of hearing capacity or hearing loss. The earliest possible detection will best serve the workers long term prognosis as well as afford the employer an opportunity to implement mitigation actions and minimise care costs during the early stages rather than a significant impairment claim in the future.

Spot Screening / Spot Measures

As well as organised and systematic sound level measures or audiometric hearing tests, we can undertake random spot testing to ensure cases of hearing loss do not go undetected.

Injury and Hearing-Loss Prevention Recommendations

We provide practical advice to employees and managers on how to actively care for hearing health such as what protective equipment is best suited to limit exposure to loud environments.

Our WHS Consultancy division can assist with risk assessments that aim to mitigate or remove specific risks inherent with the working environment, type of machinery or even workplace culture.

Immediate Reporting on Individuals

Our reporting system is efficient and thorough, so you’ll always have an up to date record of the audiometric health of your workplace immediately upon completion of any testing.

Long Term Reporting

LabourHealth manage and maintain all company and personnel records on a secure database and in compliance with current privacy legislation, we do not share information with anyone other than an approved manager of the client and the individual being tested. LabourHealth do however review all data from individuals and clients on a routine basis for better analysis and understanding of business and environment trends that may better serve our clients, any sharing of this information will only be through quoting blind numbers or percentages by business type and will certainly not contain any names, be it business or personal.

LabourHealth will retain your records on our secure database for an indefinite period so that should you require test results into the future, we can assist. *Should you decide to change service providers, we will provide you with all records as applicable for a small administrative fee and may purge these records from our systems.

LabourHealth can provide you with referrals or access to a national network of audiologists as needed so that you can give your employees the best possible treatment.