About Us

Experience that counts 8,000+ drug tests a year, 7,000+ medicals a year, offices nation-wide

Our Network of offices in capital cities around the country are strategically located within major transport hubs to ensure our clinics are easily accessible to visitors whilst also providing a good base for us to visit clients.

Labourhealth branched out as a standalone business in 2013 providing pre-employment medical assessments, drug and alcohol screening and audiometric assessments at cost effective rates. We have since expanded the services offered with the addition of workplace health and safety consulting and return to work / injury management assistance.

All of our medical staff have a wealth of experience and are qualified.

All of our Drug and Alcohol testers are trained and certified to Australian Standards for Alcohol, Oral & Urine Drug screening.

Our customer base includes manufacturing, domestic & international logistics, council workers and engineering to name but a few.

Our commitment to quality service & safe work practices are second to none, contact one of our experienced staff for a confidential discussion on how we can assist you 24/7.