Fundamental Safety Services

For Your Business, For Your Workforce

LabourHealth provide a range of Safety services to benefit your greatest asset, your workers, whilst also providing your business with compliance and due diligence.

Workforce Drug <br />& Alcohol Testing Workforce Drug
& Alcohol Testing

  • Proven and practiced workplace screening procedures gained from over 18 years’ experience, this experience has us currently conducting approximately 8,000 screenings per annum.
  • We offer Saliva or Urine testing options to best suit your specific business requirements.
  • We can offer training, advice and literature to support any substance free workplace initiative.
  • We can assist you in setting up a drug and alcohol management program that is pertinent to your business risks, compliant with WHS responsibilities and at the same time also allows you to manage your business.
  • Some outcomes you would expect to realise from an appropriate D&A program are; reduced absenteeism, increased productivity, enhanced worker engagement and less Incidents or accidents.


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Pre-Employment <br />Medicals Pre-Employment

  • Full medical history & health screen as standard
  • Tailored medical assessments to match specific job duties
  • Includes Audiometric screening, Drug & Alcohol screening and AUDIT
  • Significantly reduce the likelihood of employing staff with substance abuse issues or pre-existing medical conditions
  • Medicals conducted by qualified and registered Nurses
  • Summarised report provided to employer upon completion


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Workplace <br />Hearing Tests Workplace
Hearing Tests

  • Able to be undertaken at our clinics, your offices or anywhere on your site if using our custom built mobile Audiometry trailers.
  • Reduced impact of lost labour hours when conducted at your sites
  • State of the art calibrated and AS compliant consoles.
  • Full summary report with recommendations or referrals upon completion.
  • Company profile and worker result data retention for analysis and long-term tracking.
  • Assists with WHS Act and Code of Practice compliance preventing hearing loss at work


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WHS <br />Consultancy WHS

  • LabourHealth can assist you with WHS legislative compliance through provision of as much as a full safety management system or as little as a bit of phone advice.
  • Compliance audits against codes of practice, risk assessments, safe work instructions, drug and alcohol management programs, Incident Investigations etc.
  • Policies and Procedures.
  • Templates available to allow your own resourcing of content and outcomes.
  • Access to cloud based safety software solutions


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Other <br />Services Other

  • Return to work / Workers compensation assistance or advice is available should you need help with a difficult case or even if your internal resources are simply overstretched.
  • Physiotherapy for workers with or without worker compensation claims that are experiencing aches and pains. May also be of benefit to an ageing workforce.
  • Electronic forms, outdated paper based systems can be easily converted or replaced with cloud based systems, talk to us about how accessibility through a smartphone or tablet is just as easy if not easier than if you were using a local desktop computer.
  • Sound level measurements at your workplace to ensure you are compliant with managing and preventing hearing loss at work.


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Quality Service for Quality Outcomes

At LabourHealth we provide suitably qualified and experienced professionals for all D&A testing and screening activity. We understand the significance of obtaining valid samples, following chain of custody requirements and the ramifications of any failed processes. We have internal training, assessment and quality programs to ensure all our people are able to meet the very highest level of customer expectations.

We engage registered Nurses or Physiotherapists to undertake all medical examinations, we consult regularly to review the effectiveness of examinations and we provide regular exposure to the industry streams where it enhances the Examiners understanding of the job physicality required for different roles.

At LabourHealth we price appropriately for the services we provide, we invest in our people, our equipment and our processes to ensure the quality of service and value for money that our clients not only expect, but appreciate.


Experience that Counts

Whilst LabourHealth was only established as a stand alone business of the Labourforce group in 2013, we have conducted drug and alcohol screening directly to workforces Australia wide since 1998. Over this time we have undertaken more than 250,000 drug tests and have disappointingly witnessed an alarming growth of drug and alcohol abuse in the Australian workforce, we have continually learnt from this and are thus able to assist and advise your business with strategies to combat the issue.

We have also conducted pre-employment medical examinations since 1998 servicing predominantly in the blue and white collar supply chain space, the experience gained through exposure to the industries where people actually work and exposure to the physical effects on workers from having worked in these industries, place us in an enviable position of knowing what to look for in a candidate.

WHS Consultancy was an addition to our service offerings in 2017. WHS assistance was identified as an area that many of our clients had asked for, to this end, we acquired Fundamental Safety Consultants, an established business that had worked with us for several years on our own systems and with people in the business that we had worked with as far back as 2001. We have full confidence in what has been delivered for our own business and express that with the over 20 years of supply chain safety experience brought across to LabourHealth, we will be able to assist your business in many ways.

We’re on hand to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


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Industry Specialists

  • Logistics
  • Engineering
  • Transport
  • Warehousing & Distribution
  • FMCG
  • Supply Chain
  • Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Infrastructure