Pre-Employment Medicals

Remove the hit-and-miss of employing healthy people

Any employee’s health is paramount in a successful and productive work environment. Knowing how suited your potential employee is for the rigours of their intended position is also essential for the ongoing health of your business. You may well have screened the candidate for their work experience, however the unknowns of that person’s health may be a more telling factor in their ability to fulfill your company’s needs.

Fortunately, LabourHealth provides an in-depth pre-employment medical test to analyse the health, and therefore suitability, of your job seeker. Thereby, removing the worry of not knowing the health status of your future employees – something that your company greatly depends on.

LabourHealth provides the following services for prospective employees:

On Site Visits To The Workplace

With our pre-employment screening, we conduct an optional field inspection, to determine the required physical demand that each employee role presents. Specific functional tests are also developed to evaluate the workplace role suitability.

Comprehensive Health Screen

An analysis is carried out for blood pressure, heart rate, height, weight, and medications being used. We also do research as to any previous injury history, as well as any current limitations.

Range of Motion Testing

Especially critical for employees involved in any forms of physical work, we conduct joint specific testing, with a focus on any abnormal values.

Functional Assessment of Joint Biomechanics

During our pre-employment medical test, our team also checks the body’s strength and stability. Specifically the muscle length, muscle strength, joint stability, dynamic postural appraisal and joint specific motor patterns – this is the way muscles are activated and how they work.

Urine Drug Screen

Illicit drugs impair an individual’s capacity to perform, and are a danger to all at the workplace. We conduct tests to detect the use of such drugs in order to maintain a safe work environment.

Lung Function Test

Just like any vital organ in the body, examining the respiratory health of your workforce is indicative of any other ongoing health issues.

Maximum Safe Lift

We examine the physical strength of the prospective employee, to determine their physical capacity to execute good manual handling techniques.

Endurance Lift Test

In many job situations, strength endurance is essential in carrying out their job requirements. In our pre-employment medical check, we evaluate the muscular endurance of your prospective worker, to assess their ability in meeting the workload requirements of the position they have applied for.

Audiometric Assessment

Hearing deficiencies, if not detected, can lead to a dangerous situation. We analyse and detect any abnormalities in the candidate’s hearing capacity.

Eye Test

The eye is quite susceptible to injury or disease and is a health concern that, at times, is difficult to detect. In addition to the candidate’s age, working environments can have an impact on their eye health. Therefore, it is important to carry out an in-depth analysis to detect any abnormalities present.

We supply a full report to every employer.

All pre-employment screening can be conducted on site.

All screening, conducted by LabourHealth, has the sole purpose of defining the actual physical requirements of your worksite and to assess the prospective candidate’s capacity to safely meet the physical demands of that role.