Hearing Tests

Audiometric to Workforce – A hearing test service with a difference

Audiometric assessments are an essential part of your workplace screening and safety procedures. Yet while necessary, offsite hearing screening can be time consuming and costly.

That’s why LabourHealth can provide your workplace with a convenient and efficient onsite hearing test service to assess noise exposure in your work environment. We conduct employee hearing tests and screenings onsite, resulting in reduced costs and minimal lost time for your company.

We also conduct all of our testing using state of the art electronic measuring devices, which are in accordance with strict Australian standards.

LabourHealth provides the following services for audiometric screening:

Pre-Employment Onsite Screening of All Potential Employees

Providing hearing tests for employees before they start work ensures that there are no preexisting hearing conditions that will need medical attention or intervention later down the track.

Workplace Hearing Tests and Spot Screening on Worksites

As well as systematic hearing tests, we implement random spot testing to ensure no cases of hearing damage go undetected.

Injury and Hearing-Loss Prevention Recommendations

We provide practical advice to employees and managers on how to actively care for their own hearing health – such as wearing protective equipment and limiting exposure to loud environments whenever possible.

Immediate Reporting on Individuals

Our reporting system is efficient and thorough, so you’ll always have an up to date record of the audiometric health of your workplace.

Long Term Sampling and Reporting, Which Shows Any Deterioration in the Hearing of Employees

We handle the ongoing become a concern.

LabourHealth also gives you access to a national network of audiologists, so if needed, you can give your employees the best treatment post-injury or deterioration.

To find out more about how we can help protect the hearing of your employees with our advanced hearing testing services, contact us today.