Drug & Alcohol Free Workforce

Employee Drug and Alcohol Testing

An alcohol and drug free workplace is essential to the health, safety and wellbeing of employees and employers onsite, and LabourHealth are the industry experts in monitoring and enforcing substance-free workplaces. With more than 15 years of experience providing services such as pre-employment screening, urine and saliva drug testing, we provide professional and highly accurate testing for the recruitment, manufacturing, logistics and skilled tradespeople sectors.

When you engage our Drug and Alcohol testing services, you gain access to:

In-House Occupational Nurses

All Labourforce branches have in-house Occupational Nurses responsible for the pre-employment medicals, and alcohol and drug testing of all candidates – We also have RTW responsibilities for RTW of injured workers.

All nurses are accredited for drug testing in accordance with AS/NZS4308-2008 & AS/4760/2006

15 Years of National Substance Screening Experience

Our occupational nurses have been involved in counselling and training our casual employees for many years. Currently they conduct approximately 5,000 workplace drug tests per annum.

Professional Management Reporting

We complete detailed reports for every site visited. Our reports detail the number of tests conducted, with details of negative and non-negative tests, as well as reporting of results sent off for confirmation testing.

National Pathology Network

We have a national network of Pathology Laboratories in place for confirmation testing of non-negative results. Chain of command documents are also in place to ensure compliance with stringent Australian standards.

Urine Testing & Oral Swab Random Testing

LabourHealth drug testing workplace urine

We currently use both urine and saliva drug testing as random testing tools. All non-negatives are sealed, picked up by pathology labs and the chain of custody forms is commenced. Our testing process is rigorous, and is done in line with AS 4760-2006 and AS/NZS4308-2008.


Often, random drug testing and regular employee alcohol screenings are effective preventative measures. To ensure efficient and thorough testing policies, tests can be conducted at the following times:


  • Post-incident
  • Upon just cause
  • Random testing

To find out how we can help you maintain an alcohol and drug free workplace, contact us today.